All features and modules are available across all of our design templates so you have the option to ‘turn on or off’ components whenever you like.

As we add new features they are added to all the design templates, they will also be added to the existing features library making it straightforward for you to turn on any new functionality at no additional cost to the school.



The homepage is a unique layout, as per the design, to the rest of the site’s content pages. Your chosen components will make up this page, therefore if you do not want to use a certain component this can be turned off at any point. Using video clips and still images (where the design allows) will make the homepage feel dynamic, the addition of animated elements and clear ‘calls to actions’ will ensure that the homepage is engaging yet easy to navigate for users.

Unlimited Content Pages

Content pages are a standard layout with a number of compatible components you can add to the page. The majority of your site will be made up of content pages and you can add as many of these pages as you wish.

Unlimited Content Pages
Important Notice/Emergency Pop-up

Important Notices / Emergency Pop-up

Important notices will display as a pop-up window that can appear over your homepage and display an emergency message or important notice to your users, such as ‘school closed due to adverse weather’ or ‘football fixture today cancelled’. The text in this component can be edited to any message and you will have the ability to turn it on and off within the CMS.

Social: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

My School Website has integrations with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These are created  as components for you to place on the homepage or any content page within your website. As you post content to the channels the website will automatically update and display the latest information, from your selected social media channels.

Social Media - Facebook, Twitter & Instagram


The news section includes two page layouts. The first being a summary of your news stories which will show a list of news items; the title, summary text and a link to the article page. The second is an article page which will display the full story and content of that specific news article. This article page will have a common ‘look and feel’ to that of the website content pages.

Events Calendar

The events calendar includes two page layouts. The first being a list page which will show a list of calendar events; a title, date, summary text and link to the further details page. The second is an event details page which will display further details about the event and be laid out using similar styles to the content pages.

Site Search

Site search

This allows users to search your website for relevant information, pages or assets you have uploaded.

Online forms

The style of the form will depend on the design chosen. You can add as many forms to the site as you wish by creating them within the CMS.

Online Forms
Video via Vimeo or Youtube

Video (Youtube or Vimeo)

How videos appear within the website will depend on the design you have chosen, however you will have the ability to add a video from YouTube or Vimeo to any of the content pages within the site by embedding the snippet of code.

Image gallery

How images and galleries are displayed within the website will be dependent on the design you have chosen for the website. Within the CMS you have the ability to add a gallery component to a page and view the images in each gallery.

Image Gallery
Job Vacancies

Job Vacancies

The job vacancies section includes two page layouts. The first being the summary list which displays all vacancies including a title, closing date, type of position, summary and link to the full job description page. The second page is the full job description, this will display the full details of the specific job and be laid out with similar styles to the content page. A documents download component could also be added to this page for documents relevant to the vacancy.

Asset Library

The CMS asset area is where all of the assets for the site, such as PDFs and images are stored. The assets can then be used at any time throughout the website and presented on any content pages.

Asset Area
Documents Area


The documents component can be added to any content page as a component, this lists your documents in a designed table format. Documents can then be opened in a new tab or downloaded by the user.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics tracking code can be added to your website which can keep you updated on user activity. We also offer an additional service of bespoke configuration to set up goals and conversion funnels within your Google Analytics account.

Google Analytics

404 – file not found page

This is a standard page within most websites, if your user finds a page that does not exist they will be presented with a friendly error message, not just a dead page.