We currently have a selection of design options which we are adding new designs to at a steady rate. If you do not see anything you like or that meets your needs, please speak to us about what it is you need and we will be happy to assist.

No prior layout or CMS skills are required, as everything is laid out automatically based on the design chosen.

You will be able to amend the following:

Features & Modules

All features and modules are available across all of our design templates so you have the option to ‘turn on or off’ components and pages whenever you like.


All designs require four pairs of colours, four background and four foreground. However, you could place the same colour in two or more colour zones should you wish to use a restricted colour palette.

School Logo

The logo you add will be placed in the preset area so that it works across the various screen sizes. Each theme has set dimensions for the logo area.

Adding & Editing Content

Your school will have access to the site's CMS enabling you to add, edit and remove all of the website content such as text, images, video’s and documents at any time.


To maintain a consistent layout across the website you have the ability to choose two fonts for the site; a header font and body font. The header font will be used for any headings across the site and the body font will be used for content areas. You can use any font available from Google's Web Font library of more than 800 web friendly fonts. If you wish to only use one font across the site you can enter the same font into both font zones.



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Alpha’s simple, yet sleek image led design and sophisticated animation aim to perfectly portray the professionalism of a Secondary school or higher education establishment.

Beta was created with secondary schools and higher education in mind. It combines both angular and circular elements to result in a stylish, modern design, but with a traditional and intuitive navigation.


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Charlie’s playful illustration and bright design would be perfect for Primary and Junior schools. Not only is it visually engaging, but it also radiates friendliness and creativity.

Delta is simple, yet effective. Combining intuitive navigation, minimalistic illustration, powerful imagery and playful typography, it would be best suited for Primary and Junior schools to showcase an artistic flair.

Echo is versatile and would be suitable across the board. Inject your school’s brand colours and bring the template to life with the opportunity to showcase your school with a heavy focus on imagery.


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Foxtrot’s graphic and image led design will bring your school site back to life. The creativity of the homepage also reflects the entire website, particularly the visually pleasing navigation menu.

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