Not every school has the budget for a unique, all bells and whistles bespoke website, or has the time for a 6 month project.

My School Website created by leading digital agency mso, offers a selection of pre-designed school websites, allowing schools to still have a visually impressive, feature rich site at a lower price point and in a fraction of the time than a bespoke website.

The System

The content architecture of our system is based on a user-friendly customised WordPress CMS that we have modified especially for schools.
You will be able to make your chosen design your own by customising modules, colours, fonts, photos, content and logos. These tools will allow you to change the site to suit your schools requirements.

Using our carefully controlled system, if you need to, we could refresh your site with a different design layout with relative ease, saving your school the time and expense of building a completely new site.

The Process

1. Design

Choose a design from our library of pre-designed websites or speak to us about something more bespoke for your school.

2. Customise

Make the site your own by adding your school's look and feel, you can amend the design to incorporate your branding; logo, colours & fonts. We are on hand to help if you require professional set up.

3. Add Content

After the design is customised you can populate your site adding images, text, videos and documents. If you require help with the content upload we are on hand to assist.

4. Go Live

You can now show the world your new school website! Publicise it both internally and externally to your school community.